We create mobile app's design for iOS and Android platforms

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We are working with new tools to provide the best quality of app's design


This is the most important part of work. A beautiful app is more than idea. We should understand your customers and theirs needs.


The main technical process. We’re creating your UI design, choosing the simple solutions to satisfy your user’s need and wants.


Once we have a design, the real fun begins. We start to build stuff, good stuff. Structures, connect screens, animations, responsive buttons.


100% of a beautiful app design.
Choose the right mobile app services and solutions with us.

There are a lot of important things that have an influence on a great design of an app. The special one thing is a communication between designer and customer.

We believe that simple solutions in app design are the only way for app's success. MidaLab has a passion for simple UI.

Our team is specializing on business, social media and e-commerce mobile apps. We love to help businesses and startups earn money.

  • Communication

    Regular progress reports

  • Simple UI

    Simple interface

  • Specialization

    We are specializing on business apps


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Viktoriya Velychkina

Mobile Designer
All genius is simple.
We believe that simple solutions are best for your tech businesses.
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Oleg Zolotarsky

Mobile Designer
I love to use new technologies in my work.
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Alex Kaplun

We help to save time, earn money and improve a quality of communication with customers.
This is our main aim.

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